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About Me

As a kid growing up in Bethesda, MD, I have always been into fitness. I grew up playing competitive soccer and was always very active. I loved to challenge myself, and so eventually took on competitive boxing. Boxing in the Bethesda, MD area was a true foundation for me and taught me a lot about myself and about willpower. While I was always into sports, I had never really thought about the science behind health and fitness until 2008 when my journey to discover my real passion for health and fitness all started.I was frustrated with my own body because despite being active I was unable to gain muscle structure. So I began my quest to better myself and gain the knowledge and skills that fitness study provided. Once I learned how to achieve my own goals through sport and fitness science, I wanted to help others achieve their goals as well. I earned my first fitness certification in 2009 and I was really able to see that you can truly impact other people’s wellbeing with positive results, motivation, and partnership. That’s when I knew I was definitely on the right path, and I never looked back! This has become my true passion. I love what I do, and would love the chance to help YOU achieve your goals of fitness in the Bethesda, MD region.

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